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Permanent makeup in Wrocław


MOOI Studio was created out of love for beauty. I learned the most modern methods of pigmentation from world leaders in permanent makeup. I constantly improve my skills at symposia and trainings.


I constantly adapt the offer to the latest beauty trends, but above all my goal is to emphasize your beauty so that you feel special and unique, and at the same time be yourself.


I invite you for permanent makeup in Wrocław.

1. Free consultation

Permanent makeup is a responsible decision. It has one real task – to make you feel more beautiful. If you cannot decide, hesitate, or don’t know what eyebrow shape suits your type of beauty, make an appointment.

I will apply the preliminary make-up free of charge, thanks to which you will get used to your new image. In addition, I will answer all your bothering questions, I will tell you how to take care of your makeup right after the treatment and how to make you enjoy it for as long as possible.

MOOI Studio invites you to permanent makeup in Wrocław.

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2. Permanent makeup - contraindicators


For your safety, we present the list of contraindications for permanent makeup:

  • Postoperative states
  • Drugs and stimulants that thin the blood
  • Acne medications
  • Kidney disease
  • Overactive and under-active thyroid gland (increased likelihood of the pigment exfoliation)
  • Unstable diabetes
  • Unregulated hypertension
  • The tendency to keloid keloids
  • Problems with blood clotting (haemophilia) – increased likelihood of pigment spillage
  • Epilepsy (the ability to trigger seizures through stress)
  • Inflammation of the skin at the site of pigmentation (bacterial, fungal, viral)
  • Peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular disease, thrombocytopenia and anemia
  • Skin diseases: eczema, ringworm, lichen planus, blush, keloids, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, cellulitis, acne
  • HIV virus and hepatitis
  • Skin allergies
  • Colds, weakness, flu, fever, taking antibiotics
  • Cancer undergoing treatment
  • Active herpes
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
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3. 3-needle pigmentation advantages

The use of 3-needle micropigmentation system allows to:

  • obtain the puncture frequency of up to 420 beats per second
  • reduce treatment time by over 40%
  • increase pigmentation per unit of time by 300%
  • minimize the number of corrections after make-up (procedure cost reduction)
  • reduce pain, swelling and irritation

The alternation of 3-needle system operation guarantees:

  • gentle, alternating tissue puncture by 3 independent needles, not tearing it
  • no post-treatment scabs caused by skin pulling, reduced lymph and blood exudation
  • no swelling immediately after the procedure and in the following days, less pain and shorter treatment time
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4. Cleanness in MOOI Studio

Safety and Hygiene is our top priority. First of all, we protect you and ourselves.

At MOOI Studio, we use disposable, sterile packed needles, disposable gloves and disposable cups for dyes to make makeup. All metal parts of the device are autoclaved. They are packed in sterile packages with an expiry date. Needles and sterile elements are unpacked and put on always in the presence of the customer.

Linergist’s workplace:

  1. Disinfection and covering with a disposable protective film all surfaces and tools used during the treatment:
    • armchair and other surfaces with which the customer will have contact,
    • table top on which the linergist’s tools are placed,
    • power supply, machine connectors, equipment.
  2. When treatment is completed, we inform the client about the hygiene rules of the post-treatment area,
  3. When treatment is over, the foil is removed and the workplace is disinfected with a surface disinfectant. All waste that has been in contact with the customer is stored in appropriate containers for disposal. It is strictly forbidden to use the same paints in cups, needles, towels.
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Permanent makeup Wrocław

At a time when we have less and less time for ourselves, MOOI Studio and Ewa Marianiuk come to rescue. In Wrocław, Ewa’s permanent makeup is second to none. From now on, every woman can look great, regardless of the schedule of the day or season. No wonder that more and more people decide on permanent makeup. Wrocław is the city where our beauty salon is located. Enjoy perfectly defined eyebrows for several months.

Permanent makeup Wrocław – what is it about?

The specialist creates makeup, thanks to which some elements can be emphasized and more strongly outlined. The most common choices in permanent makeup are eyebrows, lips and eyelids. The appropriate selection of dyes and shape determines a good final effect. It should also remember that it is equally important to take care of the places after the treatment and to follow the linergist’s guidelines.

Ewa Marianiuk learned the secrets of the permanent makeup art from masters in this field. Many years of experience and an innate sense of aesthetics allow her to set new paths and make her clients happy. Each case is assessed individually and selects the make-up in such a way that it complements the woman’s beauty as much as possible. First of all, your satisfaction matters the most.

If you are not sure if permanent makeup is something for you, we invite you to a free consultation, during which a test will be made. You will see if this treatment meets your expectations. At each stage, you can count on an empathetic approach and clear care instructions. When it comes to permanent makeup, Wrocław Krzyki is the place where you will find the MOOI Studio.

We only use the best quality dyes and pigments. We use modern equipment, which allows us to shorten the duration of the procedure and reduce its pain. More gentle skin puncture system also reduces swelling after permanent makeup. Even people with a low pain threshold can take advantage of the benefits of modern cosmetology. Qualified personnel takes care of the procedure in accordance with the safety rules. All equipment is regularly disinfected. When you come to the MOOI Studio, you can expect a professional approach. As a result, you will get underlined, beautifully defined eyebrows and lips, and you will also save time. Give yourself a beautiful and young look.

Permanent makeup Wroclaw price list

At MOOI Studio, we make sure that the contents of your wallet doesn’t decide about your beauty. We offer attractive prices for permanent makeup treatments in Wrocław. We also offer installment payments. It’s all for your convenience! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the price list of permanent makeup in Wrocław.

We invite you to the MOOI Studio. Permanent makeup at Krzyki in Wrocław are second to none. For years, they have been enjoying unflagging popularity among lovers of beautiful appearance. We are constantly expanding our competences by participating in training and courses. High qualifications and professional approach – this is something that distinguishes Wroclaw permanent makeup.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

Make an appointment for a free of charge consultation during which we will answer all your questions and we will dispel all doubts. We are at your disposal.

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