Eyebrows permanent makeup Eyebrows permanent makeup Eyebrows permanent makeup

Eyebrows permanent makeup

Eyebrows permanent makeup Eyebrows permanent makeup

1.Eyebrows permanent makeup in Wrocław

Well-defined and underlined eyebrow arches are the basic element of any make-up. They frame the face. If they are asymmetrical or not very visible, the facial features blur and loose their clarity. Thanks to permanent makeup, the eyebrows will remain clearly outlined and their shape will be corrected. Ewa's Marianiuk MOOI Studio, you can count on a professional treatment, in accordance with the standards of art.
Eyebrows permanent makeup in Wrocław

Eyebrows shading - classic

The strongest fill will create an even line in the entire drawn area. It is a choice for perfect appearance and symmetry lovers. Shading eyebrows with this method gives the clearest effect. Works well when natural hair is thin and light.

Eyebrows shading using ombre method

This fashionable filling method allows natural color transition from the root to the tip of the arch. Thanks to this, we obtain gradient. The eyebrows are emphasized, but at the same time they don't dominate the image. This method will appeal especially to people of delicate beauty. We invite you to check the prices of permanent shaded ombre eyebrows in Wrocław. We guarantee complete satisfaction.

Eyebrows shading with powder method

A more delicate variant of the classic filling. It will still provide perfect coverage, but with milder saturation. Smaller amount of pigment will also make the effect distinct. This is a compromise solution if you want to emphasize the curves and, at the same time, you are concerned about the result being too artificial. When it comes to permanent eyebrow makeup, Wrocław brings together the best linergists - as evidenced by the popularity of Ewa Marianiuk's MOOI Studio.

Eyebrows microblading Wrocław

The feather method allows you to get the most natural effect. We don't fill eyebrows with color uniformly, but draw individual hairs. This makes the bows appear fuller while avoiding a strong result. Considering permanent eyebrows, Wrocław is the city in which it enjoys the greatest popularity in this way.

Hybrid method

A combination of both methods - shading with microblading. It not only visually thickens and enhances the eyebrows - adding thin lines gives more natural effect. Eagerly chosen by people who want to strongly mark the browbones.

Regardless of your fears and expectations, linergist Ewa Marianiuk will advise you on the best method and the best shape of permanent eyebrows. Wrocław is a city with a well recognized MOOI Studio. Many years of experience and constant training allows for even more fruitful cooperation with clients.

When it comes to the city of Wrocław, permanent eyebrow makeup is extremely popular. More and more women are interested in emphasizing their own beauty. Most often we perform ombre shading or microblading methods in Wrocław. They give the most natural effect.

We invite you to take advantage of the offer. When it comes to permanent eyebrows in Wrocław, the price is around 1000 PLN. We perform treatments in safe, sterile conditions. We offer discounts and rebates for regular customers. We also offer installment payments. Soon you will be able to enjoy perfectly filled eyebrows – without everyday makeup! We invite you to make an appointment.

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