Eyeliner permanent makeup Eyeliner permanent makeup Eyeliner permanent makeup

Eyeliner permanent makeup

Eyeliner permanent makeup Eyeliner permanent makeup

1.Eyeliner permanent makeup

The design of the line should be selected individually for each eye. Correctly selected shape can significantly change the appearance of the eye - enlarge it, raise the sloping corner, change the spacing or roundness.
Eyeliner permanent makeup

Line that thickens the lash line

The line in the crown of the eyelashes creates the optical impression of more eyelashes

Painting the perfect line with eyeliner on the eyelid can be a difficult task, especially when you are not skilled. Hence, more and more women decide to use permanent eyelid makeup consisting in thickening the lash line. We invite you to take advantage of the MOOI Studio offer, from where you will come out with permanent makeup that will perfectly decorate your eyes!

Permanent lines on the eyes – what effect do they create?

People with light-colored eyes use various tricks to emphasize their expression. Mascara alone may not be enough. The black line painted with eyeliner on the upper eyelid gives the result of an enhanced eyelash color and gives the eyes a different shape. However, perfecting it can be troublesome, and eyeliner is not conducive to the natural appearance of the eyes.

Permanent makeup of the upper eyelid, which we perform at MOOI Studio, is a skin pigmentation treatment consisting in darkening it in the line of the eyelash crown – that is, in the place where they grow. Such a line makes the eyelashes appearance much thicker, even when there is no makeup on the eyelid!

Permanent eye makeup in Wrocław – we change your eyes

Drooping corners, eyes that are too widely or too narrowly spaced, or a small roundness – these are the eyes’ features that can be easily changed without plastic surgery. For this purpose, we use pigmentation of the lash line at MOOI Studio. By drawing the line on the eyelid with the appropriate thickness and in the right place, we can give your eyes a different, more desirable shape, and thus enhance their expressiveness. By applying permanent makeup and keeping an eye on its pigmentation once a year, you can have an electrifying look around the clock, without worrying about smudged makeup or no time to paint your eyes with eyeliner!

Permanent makeup of the upper eyelid – price

At MOOI Studio, we guarantee an attractive and, above all, transparent price list for all the services. Thanks to this, you know exactly for what procedure cost prepare to. When it comes to permanent eyelid makeup, the price is the same for different types of lines, which we make after a careful analysis of the shape and appearance of your eyes and your preferences.

The price of the permanent make-up of the upper eyelid also includes additional pigmentation – necessary for the make-up to last longer on the skin and to look exactly as you expect it to. Before 12 months from the treatment, we also invite you to refresh your permanent make-up. This is a treatment that restores the effect from a year ago and allows you to enjoy underlined eyes for the next long months!

When is it worth to do permanent eyelid makeup?

We invite all women who are not satisfied with the shape of their eyes or would like to bring out their natural, beautiful shape and appearance with the help of permanent color. By properly drawing the line, we are able to overcome small flaws of beauty – lift drooping corners, thicken sparse eyelashes, enhance the color of the eye frame so that they emphasize the natural color of the iris even better. Permanent lines on the eyelids also allow you to forget about everyday makeup. We invite you to visit us when you want to feel even more beautiful – permanently!

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