Lips augmentation Lips augmentation Lips augmentation

Lips augmentation

Lips augmentation Lips augmentation

1.Baby Doll Lips - lips augmentation

Lips filling with the proprietary Baby Dole Lips method, that combines two filling techniques: Russian & Hollywood. Russian is responsible for lifting the Cupid's bow upwards, and Hollywood gives the lips volume. Thanks to the proprietary combination of these two techniques, your lips will look sweet young. Baby Doll Lips is a synonym of fluffiness, lightness and delicacy.
Baby Doll Lips - lips augmentation

Shiny, full, revealing white teeth sensually … these are the lips that every woman dreams of and that everyone can have! At MOOI Studio, we model the lips to give them a truly Hollywood look that will attract all eyes!

Lip augmentation Wrocław – rely on the professionals

There are various methods of lip augmentation, but at MOOI Studio we only focus on the safest and best looking. We make sure that filling and modeling the shape of lips provides 100% satisfaction to our clients. It is possible thanks to our experience and knowledge gained by the world’s best specialists in the field of various methods of enlargement.

Lips modeling Wrocław – get ready for sensual lips

Baby Doll Lips is our method of lip augmentation that we like the most because it gives fantastic results. It is a combination of two techniques: Russian & Hollywood. Russian lips is the effect of the lifting of the Cupid’s bow, which makes the lips appear larger and more expressive. Hollywood Lips, on the other hand, is about enhancing the lips by adding volume.

In a duet, these two methods give the effect of Baby Doll Lips – that is, sweet and girly lips, like a doll’s. This treatment, which we offer at MOOI Studio, is the most desirable for our clients. It makes the lips larger, which allows to even out face proportions and rejuvenate it.

Lip filling Wroclaw – for whom?

Hardly any woman is born with naturally full, expressive lips. Those who are unlucky can take advantage of our offer, which allows you to get an electrifying effect in a short time. Larger lips are definitely more tempting – they attract the eye, allow you to present the snow-white smile even better. By enlarging the lips, the face appears more proportional, which affects our self-esteem and eliminates complexes.

We invite to MOOI Studio mainly women with very narrow lips, but also those who, thanks to a slight correction of their shape and fullness, want to improve the shape of their face and give it a more sexy look.

Lip augmentation price Wroclaw – how much does it cost?

We know that the price of lip augmentation is not indifferent to you. That is why we give you an insight into a transparent, simple price list for specific services. Modeling the lips is not only the first treatment, but also the next one, extending the effect. In our office, you pay for the amount of modeling substance used, expressed in milliliters. This means that the cost of the procedure will be equal to how much you want to enlarge your lips.

Lip augmentation Wroclaw price – with us you pay for the effect

At MOOI Studio, we primarily care about the satisfaction of our clients with the treatments performed. When you leave us, you can immediately feel more beautiful and well-groomed. We are happy to know your preferences regarding the shape and size of the lips, and we will suggest our own changes so that the result is as you expect. We also encourage you to make permanent makeup with us, which will allow you to maximize your new Baby Doll Lips!

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