Lips permanent makeup Lips permanent makeup Lips permanent makeup

Lips permanent makeup

Lips permanent makeup Lips permanent makeup

1.Lips permanent makeup

Lips permanent makeup has an aesthetic function. With the help of make-up, we can optically enlarge the lips, eliminate asymmetries, cheer up the expression of the face by optically lifting the corners, and also rejuvenate by restoring the color saturation. Lip makeup can improve the appearance of a cleft lip or a mouth that has been traumatized or scarred.
Lips permanent makeup

Lip pigmentation with shading

The treatment consists of covering part of the mouth with pigment, shading it from the contour line to the inside without filling. The technique is recommended for people with full lips who want to compensate for slight asymmetries.

3D shaded lips

A combination of lip pigmentation and filling using chiaroscuro and the liplight technique.

Large, seductive and hiding dazzling white teeth – yes, the mouth is definitely one of the greatest female assets! However, to make them delight 24 hours a day, they need permanent makeup. We invite you to take advantage of the MOOI Studio offer – for an even more beautiful smile!

Lips permanent makeup – for whom?

Imagine a busy morning when you get up too late and soon have an important meeting where you need to look perfectly. With perfectly made permanent makeup on your lips, you don’t have to worry if your lipstick will last the whole evening or spend time contouring and painting your lips in front of the mirror.

When it comes to lips, permanent makeup is not only the convenience of not having to paint your lips before going out. It is also a way to restore their perfect appearance. In particular, we recommend lip shading to people with slight asymmetries, uneven lip color, or scars after accidents or cleft surgery. It’s a way for even more sensual lips without using lipstick every day!

Permanent lips in Wrocław – only at MOOI Studio

We are a professional pigmentation studio where every woman feels special. We make your most secret dreams come true – we help you to become even more beautiful, we restore symmetry and clarity to the face, and thus – we help to bury complexes somewhere deep. Thanks to numerous trainings, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to put permanent makeup on your lips guaranteeing 100% satisfaction!

Thanks to modern methods of pigmentation, we are able to gently enlarge your lips, give them a more desirable shape, even out asymmetries, saturate the lip red color more strongly, which significantly affects the rejuvenation of the face, or give it a more joyful expression by lifting the corners of the mouth.

Permanent lips makeup in Wrocław – what methods do we use?

We perform two types of lip treatments:

Lip pigmentation with shading. Recommended for pigmenting part of the lips with strengthening the contour line and rubbing it inwards, but without filling. This method is recommended to improve the asymmetry of the lips for people whose lips are full and don’t require additional enlargement.

3D lip shading. Using chiaroscuro and the unique liplight technique, we give the lips the right color with the use of pigmentation, and we fill them.

Why is it worth to use permanent makeup?

MOOI Studio is a team of professionals skilled in the field of pigmentation, who love to restore a smile to the face of women. Lips are definitely one of the most eye-catching elements of a woman’s face. Sufficiently large, symmetrical, saturated with color, shiny and revealing a row of white teeth – they are able to significantly change the appearance of every woman, rejuvenating her face. Today we can take out some of your years and add beauty only thanks to modern methods of pigmentation. This small interference in the shape and color of your lips may turn out to be the best investment in your appearance, which we encourage you to do!

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